Fudge House Rules - Ep 17

  • Play:
  • Song Name: FudgeHouseRules EP 17
  • Artist: Eric Hollerbach, Anthony Guerino, Anthony Zuzolo
  • Album: Fudge House Rules
  • Year: 2012

More Previously on Fudge House Rules.
We find out Zuzolo’s hacker alter-ego Googolo.
Eric and Guerino explain that the artificial intelligence that runs google, is a robot with needs.
Guerino and Zuzolo argue about the Washington Red Skins, is a racist sports team name.
Guerino talks KKK.
Eric bashes hipsters.
Slutty veterinarians.
Cum Vaccine’s.
Motorboating a girl, and the physics involved.
Eric summons Anthony’s roommate Kricks’s dick ghost, called “Rico.” Rico finds a holy book of dicks, before becoming a dick ghost.
Guerino and Eric plug the things they were in. Petty Frauds, and Damien Shadows PI.
Eric recounts a party they went to after Zuzolo left. Eric meets a psychic man, who’s name is 3 messages.
Avant guard art performances that require human suffering.