Fudge House Rules Ep 16

  • Play:
  • Song Name: FudgeHouseRules EP 16
  • Artist: Eric Hollerbach, Anthony Guerino, Anthony Zuzolo
  • Album: Fudge House Rules
  • Year: 2012

Previously on Fudge House Rules.
Still waiting for Anthony Zuzolo. Eric and Guerino ask themselves, “What has Zuzolo been up to.”
Eric gives his film review of “Ruby Sparks.” And Eric’s feud with Paul Dano, (That Paul Dano is unaware of, and couldn’t care less about.)
Eric and Guerino redefine the term “Ladies Man.”
Rich guys use Wine, Cheese, and their money to lure in women.
The Pickup Artist’s moves are exposed.
Eric also talks Coma Sutra and what sexual powers do yoga people really have?
Zuzolo finally shows up and fills in the audience what he’s been up to.