Fudge House Rules - Ep 15

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  • Song Name: FudgeHouseRules EP 15
  • Artist: Eric Hollerbach, Anthony Guerino
  • Album: Fudge House Rules
  • Year: 2012

First of the 3 reunion episode. Eric and Anthony Guerino await Anthony Zuzolo’s arrival.
Guerino thinks that Zuzolo hasn’t changed. He still has the same Italian fro.
Guerino talks about a man who fell in love with a real-doll, and if Zuzolo should marry a Real-doll.
E & G scheme to trick Zuzolo to fuck a “Tenga”.
Eric talks about having a wet-dream about his 4th grade teacher.
Guerino takes out a ukulele.
Obese kids on Maury.
The Electrician and The Jew.