Fudge House Rules Ep 3

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  • Song Name: FudgeHouseRules EP 3
  • Artist: Eric Hollerbach, Anthony Guerino, Anthony Zuzolo
  • Album: Fudge House Rules
  • Year: 2012

Anthony Guerino starts the podcast furious at our school newspaper. Anthony Zuzolo is mad that he has to pay $4 subway fare to show up for the podcast recordings.
Zuzolo talks about getting hassled to buy pirated dvd’s from a bunch of Asians on the streets of NYC.
Eric is mean, assaulting Zuzolo’s strange style of comedy. Eric talks about eating a white chocolate twix, and becomes self conscious, because white chocolate twixs look like, “Albino baby schlongs.”
More annoying Jersey hatred fueled rants ensue.